Sunday, September 9, 2007

The No More Victims Act Of 2007

September 5, 2007

No More Victims Act-2007- An Act of Prevention

Our nation has become one filled with fear and suspicion. We don’t know who to trust and our cries for prevention of child sexual abuse have gone unheeded. We have registration for after…. the fact. It continues to grow at an alarming rate…..after the fact. After the fact is not good enough. After the fact is too late. Prevention deals with before the fact and isn’t that what we want?

Registration has been tested in the highest courts in the land and still stands. It is not punishment. It is not for vigilantism. Its sole purpose is to keep people safe by keeping them informed. The reasoning may be good but those who are already registered do not create the rapid growth. These are the ones among us who we never suspected.

When it comes to sex crimes there is always the question of how many go unreported. Adopting the NO More Violence Act of 2007 can answer that question.

We can use FDA approved assessment tools and polygraphs that are already being used and screen the public at large. If a need for treatment is indicated, it should be provided. These are the weapons used to combat unhealthy urges in those who have been convicted of a sex crime. No child deserves to be hurt and no individual wants to be an offender so this is a win/win situation.

Those of us with nothing to hide would welcome the opportunity to put up or shut up.
This is the solution that has been so evasive. Now we have it clutched tightly in our fists and the time of grasping for straws is in the past. We have captured the beast
Leading politicians and high-profile activists have spent many desperate years advocating for solid solutions.

We ask those in the forefront to take our Act and push it through Congress and on the President’s office with record speed. We also ask that these individuals be first in line for the testing that will end the nightmare that has besieged us for so long.
This is important information that should be put in the hands of every American. Please show your support by posting it in as many places as possible.




Due to the high rate of sex crimes and the public’s demand that the government take whatever steps necessary to protect the children from adults who prey on them, I would like to introduce the “No More Victims” Act of 2007. The “No More Victims Act” of 2007 picks up where Megan’s Law and others like it left off. The common thread with all these laws is what to do after a crime has been committed and fails to address any preventative aspect. In order for there to be “No More Victims” our focus must now be on prevention of these crimes.

It has already been well established that the Federal Government and States have a “legitimate governmental interest” in protecting the public, especially the most vulnerable among us, America’s children. Additionally, the courts have ruled and the general public accepted that the rights of victims and/or would be victims, take precedent over the rights of those that “may” pose some future threat to society based solely upon empirical data and risk assessments, which are tools which “predict” future behavior.

It has also been well established - and upheld by numerous courts that what is currently known as the “Sex Offender Registry” is not a punitive scheme, but a regulatory one.
Designed to alert the community of those with a risk towards committing some future act.

Given that upwards of 90 percent of new sex crimes are committed by someone who is NOT currently on the sex offender registry, not known to law enforcement, and is not on community notification , and cloaked in anonymity, lawmakers have a duty to adopt the following measures to put an end to sex crimes for once and for all.

Since they have a stated “legitimate governmental interest” in protecting the public and since the techniques proposed herein would guarantee upwards of a 100%, if not a full 100% rate of success, it is incumbent upon lawmakers to adopt this act, so that there can be “No More Victims”

I introduce to you the following ACT, which shall be hereby known as the “No More Victims Act of 2007”.


All persons, both male and female, age 18 and over must submit to a plethysmograh and given a risk assessment while under polygraph. The plethysmograh purports to have a 100% effectiveness rate in predicting who will offend, is FDA approved, and already in use in the United States. Given the recent high rate of offenses among teachers, clergy, governmental and law enforcement officials, and any other person in a position of trust or authority I move to start with those individuals first, as well as with any other person that maintains a position where working among children whether paid or voluntary.

Based upon the results of the plethysmograph, polygraph and an empirical risk assessment, each individual who cannot “pass” shall be placed on a public “high risk” registry along with their assigned risk level.

The site must include the following:
1. a current photo
2. risk level
3. date of birth
4. living address
5. name of employer and work address
6. If attending and educational facility, the name and location of said facility
7. all e-mail addresses and online identifiers
8. list any/all known deviations from currently accepted societal norms.
9. Individuals who pose a risk must obtain a yearly driver’s license or state issued non-operating identification card. The image must, within 3 business days be submitted to the agency responsible for maintaining the sex offender website.

In order to withstand any constitutional challenges which may arise, any prior criminal act which is discovered to have occurred via the risk assessment and prior to the enactment of this act cannot be held criminally liable based solely upon the information derived from the assessment. However, such acts must be considered when designating the risk level said individual poses to society.

We foresee no challenges in respect to constitutional rights violations as the sex offender registry is merely a tool for the public, to warn them of those that “may” pose some future risk to society and the intent is to prevent sex crimes. This “Act” merely expands the public’s awareness and would be a vital tool in the prevention of crimes as well as having the potential to catch those who have already committed crimes but have not been caught or prosecuted. Additionally, the courts have already ruled that registration is regulatory and not punitive in design and therefore The “No More Victims Act” will easily withstand constitutional challenges on that ground.